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ATP SPORTS (香港) - 安德適運動用品

TRX 懸吊式訓練系統

TRX 香港專門店 懸吊式訓練系統   This is our lightest, leanest Suspension Trainer. The TRX Home 2 is your personal training system to help you develop and maintain a lean, strong body. With TRX Home 2, you can tighten, tone and sculpt your body anywhere, anytime. Includes TRX Home 2 Suspension Trainer, easy-to-use Get Started Guide, 2 anchoring solutions and two 20-minute high intensity workouts. ..
TRX 香港專門店 懸吊式訓練系統   Get our best-selling Suspension Trainer -- and experience how TRX can help you reach your goals! The TRX - Pro 4 Gym lets you personalize every workout so you see results quickly. TRX sets up in less than 60 seconds, so it’s easy to train on the go. Use it at home, on vacation or on a business trip, so you can stay in shape anytime, anywhere. Includes TRX - Pro 4 Susp..
HK$2,800.00 HK$3,350.00
TRX 香港專門店 懸吊式訓練系統   TRX was born of necessity in the Navy SEALs, during founder Randy Hetrick’s service as a commando. Created on deployment and fully developed thereafter, the TRX Tactical Gym is built for the dedicated athlete who needs a thorough and efficient fitness regime. TRX can be set up in less the 60 seconds, so it’s easy to train on the go in any environment or condition. Get..
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